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November 13, 2015: The French Traveler stands firmly by its French friends and colleagues and the French nation in this time of great sadness and devastation.  We are in mourning with you but moved by the motto of Paris, FLUCTUAT NEC MERGITUR, and know that soon, as you have done so many times in the past, you will find your beautiful lights and sing again.  And we will join you.
Solidaire avec la France

Solidaire avec la France

The French Traveler offers professional development workshops every summer in France for teachers of French.  Attended by language teachers from many different regions, many of whom return year after year after year, the stage d’immersion focuses on the contemporary issues of France, making French culture more accessible to teachers and consequently, their students.  Morning seminars and afternoon excursions occupy our days; leisure time and optional activities fill in the gaps.  The seminars cover topics and themes included in the syllabus for advanced studies of French.  We speak only French; we dine together in restaurants selected for their authenticity.  We also laugh a lot.  When we’re not engaged in animated discussions about France today, we’re collectively pooling ideas for new lesson plans and spending our free time in the museums and bookstores we’ve been longing to visit.

The 2016 stage intensif will be held in the dynamic city of Toulouse, at the heart of the culturally rich southwest France, with grand historical and geographical importance.  The fourth most populated city in France, vibrant with a large student population, known as la ville rose for its lovely red brick architecture, Toulouse boasts well-manicured banks of the Garonne River which allow for leisurely pedestrian strolling, the beautiful Canal du Midi, a compact heart of town, many excellent restaurants and bookshops.  Discover the passionate history of this region: learn how Tolosa evolved from a small Roman community to a prosperous and dynamic market center during the medieval times, becoming a major crossroads for those making the pilgrimage to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.  The bloody crushing of the Cathars and the power of the inquisition throughout the late middle ages under the counts of Toulouse make for fascinating history.  Toulouse today is the headquarters of the Airbus Group and the European capital of the aeronautic and spatial industry. Its famous rugby team has won 19 championships in France and 4 in European competition.  Must be due to those famous culinary dishes of cassoulet and saucisses toulousaines?
Beautiful walks on the Quais de la Garonne

Belles promenades sur les  quais de la Garonne

Lodgings for the stage are in a 4-star hotel in between the vibrant Place St-Geroges and the picturesque Place Wilson in the heart of Toulouse, easy walking distance of restaurants, bookstores, boutiques, and transportation.  Our seminars are held in the same hotel.  Many of the teachers return each summer, eager not only to see their former colleagues but to learn and relearn the new materials, new places, new experiences.

For the eighteenth consecutive summer, we’re proud to present an outstanding class leader to guide us in our discussions and pedagogical pursuits.  Instructor Catherine Camier, professeur des écoles  in a private school in Toulouse, will stimulate your inquiry into intercultural issues that is bound to have an impact on your lesson plans next fall.  You may earn 85 Massachusetts professional development hours for your efforts.  Consult the website for further details.

To continue your immersion in the language and culture of France, choose to extend your stay in the area.  Il y a tant de choses à voir et à faire!

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On rit beaucoup tout en travaillant dur, dur!

On rit beaucoup tout en travaillant dur, dur!